At Indo Pacific Inc, we offer range of MacDermid PHOTOPOLYMER RESIN suitable for various applications. MacDermid Liquid photopolymers are available in a variety of viscosity to address specific print applications. The major areas of application of MacDermid liquid photopolymers are used in the corrugated, multiwall bag, envelope, tag & label, paper cup printing markets and making POLYMER STAMP. The economic and ecologic advantages of using liquid are just two benefits of using this technology.

Special Features of 50 GRADE POLYMER:

50 GRADE PHOTOPOLYMER RESIN is an excellent high definition grade for making POLYMER stamps. It will deliver excellent print quality with minimal dot gain for demanding print requirements. 50 GRADE is a special formulation to provide faster exposure times, deliver harder crisper images and gives the user more control with higher viscosity and more controlled pouring by hand. You will experience the benefits of a wide exposure latitude, allowing you to hold open reverses while maintaining fine relief. 50 Grade also has superior UV resistance, delivering durable high quality impressions for years to come.

50 GRADE liquid polymer is available in 2 colors

Clear & Red

Packing available in:

• 18 Kg Pail


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