Dura Stamper - (DP) mounts, a revolutionary technology that allows for Instant production of pre-inked stamps with high resolution graphics. This system eliminates the need for polymer plates, matrix boards, sophisticated photography equipment and all of the other expensive equipment and time-consuming processes that were previously required to manufacture a high-quality stamp.

The New System process is a photo positive image that is covered with a transparent film and the unique Flash Stamp Foam from Hongkong Chops. When placed in a Flash machine, the combination is exposed to an intense burst of light that seals the non-printing area, producing an imprint of precise resolution and coverage. When combined with inking Cartridge and Dura Flash ink, The stamp is ready in about 15 minutes.

Indo Pacific Offers all Raw Materials and services necessary to make the DP stamps. The perfect stamp with outstanding Quality and simple way of Making the new DP Stamp.

If you wish to become our dealer and if you are in Business of Making Stamps or doing whole sale business for stamp products, you may email and provide the best quality pre-inked stamps to your clients in your city!


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